Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (formação de professores)

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (formação de professores)

30 Jun 10:00 - 01 Jul 19:00 - Porto
Studio Fly Porto


250hr International Aerial Yoga Certificate) for the first time in Portugal!!!!

Certification inlcudes
- online course (theoretical knowledge) + on site training + aerial hammock kit (for first 5 participants)

You will get:
- 90 Hours of Aerial Yoga Techniques
- 30 Hours of Aerial Yoga Methodology
- 100 Hours of Aerial Yoga Practicum
- 30 Hours of Traditional Principles and Techniques

- Over 180 hours of contact guidance in all areas
- 1 year of access to our database and study materials

Steps for registration:
2. Complete the payment online
3. Receive your password and login to your online studying area and start studying theretical part!
4. Complete your course with exams on 30. june - 1. july on site training and became aerial yoga instructor
5. Get your cerfication

Booking must be completed till 30 of april
More information:
Places very limited!
Students are asked to complete the theoretical part prior to on site training. It is necessary to start theoretical practicum 1 month before on site training. The students need to complete 2 parts of exam - theory and practice in order to receive complete certification. Start your course already today!

Yoga also known as Anti-gravity Yoga, is a fusion of traditional yoga, pilates, suspension fitness and aerial arts. This comprehensive fitness technique is designed to increase one’s overall health, strength and physical agility while having fun and flying free.

The beauty of the fabric is that it acts as your own personal training partner, the hammock is able to support half your body weight (making it 50% easier than normal yoga) allowing you and your student's to build up strength and endurance.

Aerial Yoga supports you while you are becoming your best!

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