Dr. Ron Epstein at ICCH Conference

Dr. Ron Epstein at ICCH Conference

01 Sep 17:00 - 04 Sep 20:00 - Porto
Porto, Portugal

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Dr. Ron Epstein will be one of the speakers at this year's ICCH conference in Porto, Portugal. Learn more about the conference and how to register using the link below!


"We are proud and excited to invite you to participate in the 16th International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH) organized by EACH: International Association for Communication in Healthcare in partnership with ACH: Academy on Communication in Healthcare. The conference will be held in the beautiful and historic World Heritage site coastal city of Porto, Portugal, known for its stately bridges, medieval architecture and port wine!

This international conference brings together teachers, researchers, practitioners and policy makers from around the world working to explore and improve all aspects of communication in healthcare from a variety of perspectives. The conference itself will set a friendly and communicative atmosphere for highlighting best practices and innovations in the field, exchange of ideas and networking. In addition to traditional presentation formats such as oral and poster presentations, symposia and interactive workshops we will include sessions on works in progress, innovative and creative formats, roundtable discussions and national, language and discipline based networking sessions. Participants will be challenged by our plenary speakers into considering new ideas in assessment, research, policy, and patient engagement. Special programming will be aimed at engaging the next generation of academics, practitioners and policy makers in communication in healthcare, students and other trainees.

We are especially pleased to offer a conference dinner at the elegant Palácio da Bolsa included in the registration price so all can attend."

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