Body Mirror System of Healing

Body Mirror System of Healing

17 Nov 08:15 - 18 Nov 19:30 - Funchal
Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

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November 17-18
Madeira, Portugal
English / Portuguese
50 € discount for registrations until October 17, if you are coming for the first time

The Body Mirror System was created by Martin Brofman, who released himself from a terminal cancer that conventional medicine considered hopeless.

During his healing process, he learned a lot about the dynamics Body - Consciousness and how these relations function.

He helped many, teaching this system to thousands of people for more than 35 years. He also trained instructors and Philippe Hannetelle was one of them. He is teaching this class.

Philippe Hannetelle meets Martin Brofman in 1990. Through the tools he learned from Martin Brofman, he was healed of nearsightedness and astigmatism and he decided to teach these philosophies, he became instructor of the BMS in 1990 and of the Vision Workshop in 1998.

In the end of the class, you will be able to:

1. Understand and experience yourself as a Being of energy.

2. Feel and direct energy, and see energy (auras, chakras, thought forms).

3. Understand the relationship between your body and your consciousness.

4. Understand how symptoms in the body reflect tensions in the consciousness.

5. Read the body as a map of consciousness, understanding the inner causes to outer symptoms.

6. Understand the chakras and their associations with specific parts of the consciousness and specific parts of the body.

7. Use various tools designed for healing (White Light, colors, thought forms, feedback).

8. See the results of putting these techniques and tools to use.

We work in pairs, always with different people and each one gives and receives five healings.

Participants are certificate as healers by the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing (" target=_blank class="shref">

Date: November 17 and 18

Place: Funchal, Madeira

Schedule: saturday from 8:15 am until 8:30 pm
sunday from 9:30 am until 7:30 pm

Tuition Costs:
First time : 300 €
If you want to repeat for the 2nd and 3th time: 150 €
If you want to repeat after the 3th time: 20 €

There is a 50 € discount for registrations until April 19, if you are coming for the first time.

Registration is done by the deposit of 50% of the tuition costs to:

Bank Account holder: Susana Correia
Adress: Praça Aniceto do Rosário, 6, 1 Cave Esq 1170-023-Lisboa, Portugal
Iban: PT50 0065 0922 0037 1940 0184 3
Swift Code: BESZ PT PL
Bank: Best Bank
Bank Adress: Praça Marquês de Pombal, 3, 2º andar, 1250-161 – Lisboa, Portugal

The rest of the tuition costs will be payed on saturday, at arrival.

If you cancel your participation until April 28, we completely refund you this deposit.

If you cancel your participation between April 28 and May 12, we charge half of the deposit and refund you the rest.

If you cancel your participation after May 12, you don't receive your deposit.

For registration or more information, contact Susana Barroco
Phone: (00351) 912 532 882

This system is a synthesis between western psychology and eastern philosophies, based on chakras – energetic centers. The goal is to help you find again your natural state of harmony and the way of being that works best for you.

We have no limits, but those that we impose to ourselves.

A healing is a transformation process.

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