Yoga Teacher Training - Coimbra, Portugal

Yoga Teacher Training - Coimbra, Portugal

31 Jul 07:30 - 26 Aug 14:00 - Coimbra
Coimbra, Portugal


This is the 11th edition of the course, 6th in Portugal. With 150 hours it has been carefully prepared for practitioners who want to deepen their theoretical-practical knowledge in yoga and those interested in transmitting this experience safely. We will study the main yogic traditions and practice Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

:: Date and times ::
From 31st July to 26th August 2018
Classes every day (except Saturdays).
We begin the day with meditation and mantras, then practice asanas, break for breakfast and satsanga for theoretical study.

::Topics ::
• History of Yoga: Study of the main historical-literary periods, the Vedic civilization and its origins in the Indus Valley. Reflection on the development of Yoga over the centuries and its insertion in contemporary society.

• Types of Yoga: Study on the main paths and methods for the yogic experience. Ex: karma, mantra, hatha, ashtanga, bhakti and so on.

• The Guru-discipleship tradition: Study on the characteristics and functions of traditional Yoga pedagogy, its origins and transformations over time.

• Practical Ashtanga and Hatha classes, guided and in the Mysore style. Study on the different types of Hatha Yoga and reflection on its functions.

• Concentration and Meditation: Study about the yogic techniques to the concentration development and its importance for the meditative experience. Theoretical and practical classes.

• The ethics of Patañjali: A study on the work of Patañjali, his main concepts and a reflection on how his ethics influence the practical life. Emphasis on the psychological aspect and maintenance of emotional balance.

• Mantras: Study on the main mantras, their function and practical execution.

• Asanas and Anatomy: In-depth study on how to practice and teach asana (yoga's psychic-physical postures) in an aligned and secure way, preserving the joints and developing strength and flexibility. Adjustments and corrections laboratory.

• Pranayama: Introductory and practical study. How to practice the main pranayamas safely, its functions and benefits.

• Tantra: Study on the importance of tantric vision in the yogic tradition.

• Sadhana: Study on the importance of Sadhana as facilitator in acquiring the benefits of yogi practice.

• Hinduism: Study of the 6 darshanas that make up Hinduism and its influence on Indian society and Yoga.

• Yoganidrá and relaxation: Pratipaksha Bhavana, Sankalpa, relaxation, visualizations and etc. A theoretical and practical study of the techniques that make Yoganidra a transformative experience towards fullness.

• Food and introduction to Ayurveda: Study on the world view of Ayurveda and the fundamental role of food for the maintenance of psycho-physical health.

::Places and accommodation ::
To facilitate the organization of the course, there is a special price for registration until 15th June.
The course is taught at Casa da Esquina (Coimbra city center)
* Accommodation is not included in the course, students have many options for accommodation in the city.

:: Exam and certificate ::
At the end of the course there is a written test. Students with more than 84% of attendance and satisfactory performance in the activities will receive certificate of completion.

:: Registrations ::
Answer the questions below and send us by email to:

Your data: (full name, date of birth, occupation and email).
1. How long have you been practicing yoga?
2. With what teachers did you learn?
3. What types of yoga have you practiced?
4. What effects and results has the practice caused you?
5. Do you intend to become a teacher? Why?
6. Do you already teach Yoga? If so, what kind?
7. Do you have a daily practice? If so, describe it, please.
8. Do you consider yourself a beginner, intermediate or advanced practitioner?
9. Do you have or had any health problems? If so, which one?
10. What do you expect from this course? Why do you want to participate?
11. What is Yoga for you?
12. Give a description of yourself.

::The teacher::

Bruno Bartulitch, was born in São Paulo, Brazil and began to teach Yoga in 2001. Among his teachers: Jamile Ansolin, Pedro Kupfer, Camila Reitz, Cathia Karin Heuser, Clayton Horton, Michael Gannon and Matthew Vollmer. In his travels to India, he studied Ashtanga directly with Sr K. Patabhi Jois and Vedanta with Swami Dayananda Saraswati. Besides Brazil, he has lived in Croatia, France, Portugal and currently lives in Denmark. Bruno likes to share what he has learned wherever he goes and considers yoga a healing self-study that brings inspiration, vitality and balance.

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